Orisa! & Exciting PTR Update!

If you haven’t heard already, Orisa, the newest character being added to the Overwatch cast, is being released on March 21. You can watch the official video >>here<< That’s quite exciting and all, but what really has my balls in a jumble is the current update on the PTR server. Matches ending in a “Draw” will be a thing of the past. Eichenwalde is becoming less bottlenecky, and my “FAVORITE” support hero Lucio (if you have seen my streams, you know how I actually feel about Lucio) is receiving various buffs and changes! Maybe these tweaks will reverse my opinion of this […]

Year of the Cock…I mean Rooster

Hi Hi & Happy New Year (Asian Style) from everyone at GsGNation.com to you. Overwatch also decided to Ring in the New Year (Ring? Bring? Debatable.) with their Year of the Rooster Event from Jan 24 to Feb 13. They introduced new skins, victory poses, highlights, and even a Capture the Rooster game mode to the Arcade. What this ultimately boils down to is just play a shit-ton of Overwatch, get lootboxes, and hope for the limited-time skins! *cough cough* or buy a shit-ton of lootboxes until you have everything. *cough cough* Either way i’m pumped for the new content, […]


OVERWATCH has just announced its newest hero by the name of Ana. She is a support sniper with some pretty strong buffs, heals, debuffs, and crowd control.  Needless to say, I’m beyond hyped to finally get a new support hero that has some versatility.  You can check out a brief preview trailer and her origin story by clicking the links below. Enjoy! Ana Introduction Trailer Ana Origin Story P.S. I called this chick back in the Beta.

Tom Clancy’s The Division: Agent Origins

Ubisoft, in association with a few of my favorite YouTube channels, CorridorDigital, RocketJump, and Devin Supertramp, has created a four part live action trailer for the upcoming release of Tom Clancy’s The Division.  The hype I have for this game is beyond comprehension.  I already have it Pre-Purchased on Steam.  Links for the videos are posted below.  I Highly recommended watching. Enjoy. Tom Clancy’s The Division: Agent Origins: Conspiracy | Ashes | Pursuit | Escape