Double Shot of Panda’s Picks?

In honor of Panda’s Picks Vol. 22, I’m bringing you two songs, both picked by fellow GsG Nation members. Up first is Virtual Riot‘s “Idols (EDM Mashup)” which is a dirty track picked by GsG UpAllNight. Furthermore, continuing with the trend of solid music, GsG Sainte recommends the blissful ditty of Hippie Sabotage‘s “Stay High (Tove Lo Flip)”. Enjoy.

Everybody Supernova

Question: What is better than a bunch of sexy asian girls dancing around to a catchy beat? Answer: Nothing. Girls’ Generation also known as SNSD, bust out the moves and the belly shirts for the song “Galaxy Supernova”…and it is incredible. You’re welcome. AND since we are not sexists here at, here is one for the ladies and maybe a few dudes (You know who you are *cough* Abbott & Chris *cough* 😉 ) They group is called SHINee, they know how to dance, and the song is titled “Everybody”.