SoulCalibur VI Reveal Trailer

Soul MFing Calibur VI yall. Geoff Keighley took a break from praising his best friend Hideo Kojima tonight during his passion project Video Game Awards to let the two dudes from Bandai Namco introduces the new SoulCalibur VI. Check out the reveal trailer below and the text exchange from Panda and Phantom. Sorry for the run on sentence.

Mercy is getting radically changed. Probably for the best.

Everybody's favorite flying hospital, Mercy, is undergoing some drastic changes to her move set in the PTR right now. As you can see in the changes listed below, she's almost becoming a brand new character with remnants of her old self. Perhaps the biggest change is her new, that's right, NEW ultimate ability Valkyrie. This new ultimate actually gives her the ability to fly, instead of just float in place for a couple of seconds. For me personally, Mercy has needed something that makes her feel more rounded. Although a necessary character, her gameplay has always felt underwhelming and kind [...]

Orisa! & Exciting PTR Update!

If you haven’t heard already, Orisa, the newest character being added to the Overwatch cast, is being released on March 21. You can watch the official video >>here<< That’s quite exciting and all, but what really has my balls in a jumble is the current update on the PTR server. Matches ending in a “Draw” will be a thing of the past. Eichenwalde is becoming less bottlenecky, and my “FAVORITE” support hero Lucio (if you have seen my streams, you know how I actually feel about Lucio) is receiving various buffs and changes! Maybe these tweaks will reverse my opinion of this […]

New Map. New Case. Same Knives…Kinda

In the recent update to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the new map, De_Canals, was added to the non-active duty map pool.  It’s set in a “historic Italian City”…it’s Venice.  Just say Venice. Anyways, the map has water that doesn’t kill you when you jump into it. YAY! Furthermore, CS:GO received a new Spectrum Case with some pretty vibrant colored skins.  The “Unique Case Specific” knives are obtainable through this case and were treated with the Chroma Finishes; therefore, we can officially get the Rust Coat on the Butterfly Knife. Double YAY! For more detailed information about the recent update, click on the link below! […]

Year of the Cock…I mean Rooster

Hi Hi & Happy New Year (Asian Style) from everyone at to you. Overwatch also decided to Ring in the New Year (Ring? Bring? Debatable.) with their Year of the Rooster Event from Jan 24 to Feb 13. They introduced new skins, victory poses, highlights, and even a Capture the Rooster game mode to the Arcade. What this ultimately boils down to is just play a shit-ton of Overwatch, get lootboxes, and hope for the limited-time skins! *cough cough* or buy a shit-ton of lootboxes until you have everything. *cough cough* Either way i’m pumped for the new content, […]

Sombra Hacks Blizzcon

There are now two things I cant wait to see at Comic Con this year and that's Doctor Strange and Overwatch cosplay. The new character reveal of Sombra isn't necessarily big news but this animated short aired at Blizzcon sent the internet into a frenzy and for good reason. I believe they could come out with a bunny rabbit character who lays eggs and emotes and the internet would still loose their pants over it. The adoration for Overwatch is so great, this game will no doubt live on for a long time. The rest of this is going to [...]

Battle of Duty: Titan Redemption 2

It’s been a while since this site has had a post so I decided to remind everyone of the next couple games to look forward to in a post I like to call “Battle of Duty: Titan Redemption 2.” Battlefield 1 just came out this week and by golly it’s pretty good. If you’ve been itching to get back to the oldie but goody time of shooters without garbage jetpacks and guns that make no sense, then check this game out. Call of Duty: Infinite Warefare is going to be a garbage ass game. Let’s be real. There was nothing amazing […]

Overwatch Season 2 is Live!

The much anticipated launch of Overwatch Season 2 is live and a few days earlier than expected!  The new season introduces a bounty of nerfs, buffs, and changes to the competitive scene, so If you haven’t been able to play on the PTR, you can check out all of the details by clicking the link below. Enjoy! Overwatch Season 2 Patch Notes

We Went to San Diego Comic Con Again! Here’s What We Did

So GsG Phantom and xSaint Nickx traveled far and wide across the country to the land of San Diego to nerd out at Comic Con and spread our East Coast love to the West. Aside from our many sarcastic jokes not landing with our fellow nerds, we had a great time. This was our second year at the Con and hope to continue the tradition for as long as we get lucky with the lottery system. We spent all 5 days there, Wednesday-Sunday and walked a total of 39 miles according to the iPhone. For anyone interested in attending Comic [...]

We played Titanfall 2 at SDCC. Here’s a review.

Hello GsG Nation. I’m making this Titanfall 2 review before I make my SDCC review because I want to put together the video first and I won’t be doing that until the weekend. So anyway, we were there and had a chance to play a game of the much anticipated Titanfall 2 game which will be available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. I have a video of me playing the game, but that’ll get taken down from Youtube if I post it, so i just have to explain everything. And honestly, i’m saving you all the horror of this […]