Tom Clancy’s The Division: Agent Origins

Ubisoft, in association with a few of my favorite YouTube channels, CorridorDigital, RocketJump, and Devin Supertramp, has created a four part live action trailer for the upcoming release of Tom Clancy’s The Division.  The hype I have for this game is beyond comprehension.  I already have it Pre-Purchased on Steam.  Links for the videos are posted below.  I Highly recommended watching. Enjoy. Tom Clancy’s The Division: Agent Origins: Conspiracy | Ashes | Pursuit | Escape

H1Z1 Green Dawn

As H1Z1 continues to grow and evolve in Early Access, they will be testing new game modes and features along the way. One of the newest additions is a game mode called Green Dawn. Green Dawn is Battle Royale with a twist. The gameplay will be faster and more frenetic than ever, plus there will be new rewards! For more details on Green Dawn click on the link below. Green Dawn Overview

IU Sogyeokdong

Holy Balls Panda’s Picks?!? LOL I know right!? But seriously, words cannot describe how beautiful this song truly is. Seo Taiji wrote and produced an immaculate melody while IU, simply put, destroys the vocals. Enjoy this uplifting song!