The GsG Nation is an Online Competitive Gaming and E-Sports Community created with the intent of joining gamers around the globe, of all skill levels. GsG was created by a group of local and online Xbox Live friends who played a wide variety of games together that include Shooters, Sports, RPG, Fighting, Racing and Arcade games. The founding members of the community reside mainly in the United States East Coast, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Maryland, and have since welcomed other members from the West Coast and even Canada. The GsG Nation constantly has members online and are willing to play and talk to others who share the same interests. If being a part of the GsG Nation is something that interests you, click on the register link in the header or footer and say “yes” to joining the community. Include your gamertag and one of us will respond to you with a friend request. There are currently no prerequisites to join. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks for checking out the GsG Nation.

– The GsG Nation