We Went to San Diego Comic Con Again! Here’s What We Did

So GsG Phantom and xSaint Nickx traveled far and wide across the country to the land of San Diego to nerd out at Comic Con and spread our East Coast love to the West. Aside from our many sarcastic jokes not landing with our fellow nerds, we had a great time. This was our second year at the Con and hope to continue the tradition for as long as we get lucky with the lottery system. We spent all 5 days there, Wednesday-Sunday and walked a total of 39 miles according to the iPhone. For anyone interested in attending Comic Con, be prepared to walk…a lot, sometimes run. And make sure you like sitting down. As a matter of fact, bring chairs, you’ll need them to wait in line for hours.

I’ve posted a link to my facebook for some of the best photos from the event that we took and posted a short video. In the video you’ll see a quick walkthrough of the Showroom floor, Titanfall, Gears of War 4, Nerd HQ, the Wikia Fandom party, some downtown San Diego and the entirety of the Hall H line. I’m also posting last years Comic Con video as well. Have fun and hope you enjoy!

Here is the 2015 video.

Here is the link to the photos.