We played Titanfall 2 at SDCC. Here’s a review.

Hello GsG Nation.

I’m making this Titanfall 2 review before I make my SDCC review because I want to put together the video first and I won’t be doing that until the weekend. So anyway, we were there and had a chance to play a game of the much anticipated Titanfall 2 game which will be available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. I have a video of me playing the game, but that’ll get taken down from Youtube if I post it, so i just have to explain everything. And honestly, i’m saving you all the horror of this gameplay because it was pretty…as we say…garb. But i swear i’m good (relatively I suppose) at Titanfall and I’m still looking forward to the game.


So we stood in line to play the game in the Nerd HQ location which was an offsite area separate from the SDCC convention. I’m not even sure you needed an SDCC pass to get into the building. The place was hot, no AC, the usual. After a 20-30 min wait, which isn’t bad at all by SDCC standards, and watching an endless loop of Titanfall 2 promo videos and tutorials we finally got to play.


We were given the choice of three pilots. The Grapple, Pulse Blade and Holo Pilot. Respectively, they have a grappling hook, a pulse blade which reveals enemies for a short time in the area, and can mimic their pilots last move. We chose to play as the grappling pilot since it appealed to us the most after the trailer.

I have to say, since I played so poorly, I didn’t get  a whole lot of time to experiment with the grappling hook. However, I will say that it felt a little awkward using it. I couldn’t find an area on the map to “swing” my pilot and it didn’t seem incredibly obvious on how to do that. Often times i found myself pulling toward a building and ramming right into it. I will also say that since I traditionally play on Bumper Jumper, grappling was the A button and that didn’t make things any easier since you need to hold down A to stay grappled. So there may be some TF2 button mapping that I’ll have to employ with the elite controller.

The only thing I can tell you about the new weapons is there is a SMG style weapon that shoots slower and is probably more powerful per bullet. and a new sniper. We were also told that the weapons we had from Titanfall would also be included in the game. I stuck with the Carbine because I was mainly interested in how the game felt rather than how the guns performed since they’ll inevitably be changed after release.

As far as Titans go…There are 3 new Titans revealed at this point. Scorch, ION, and Ronin. Right now they’re all available to view on the Titanfall website. We were only allowed to choose from Scorch and ION. I wanted to make this short so i’ll leave the Titan description lookup to you.

We used the Scorch titan since it was pretty similar to the Atlas titan from Titanfall with more health? He shoots a big fire blast rather slowly that does a lot of damage and has a shield that incinerates projectiles instead of grabbing them and throwing them back. I would love to have more time to play with this Titan because he seems cool but he is pretty terrible defending against Pilots boarding.

The gametype we played was called Bounty Hunt on a map called Boomtown. I will point you to IGN’s description of the gametype here since they played it at E3.

I played four rounds of the new Bounty Hunt mode on a map called “Boomtown.” In Boomtown, enemy Titans will get marked with bounties, which you can collect by melee executing them from your Titan or rodeo-ing them as a pilot. The biggest change to the gameplay seems to be the way the rodeo mechanic works. No longer will your on-foot pilot hop up — or use the Front Rifleman class’s grappling hook — on top of the enemy Titan and empty lead into its brain after mashing the X button to pry off its protective covering. Instead, you’ll drop a grenade down a hole in the top of the enemy mech and walk away with a battery.

I didn’t concentrate a whole lot to the gametype (my fault) since I was struggling to even find minions on the map for large stretches of time, which isn’t too common in Titanfall. And honestly, I couldn’t find a whole lot of Pilots either. Not sure if the lack of minions is because of the gametype, im terrible, or there are less of them in TF2.

This has gone on long enough (as I hit the 800 word count). My closing statement is the game felt really solid when I was doing well. It felt like a more modern version of the game. It has that same great fast paced feel of TF1 but I could tell I wasn’t playing TF1. I love the new damage meter above enemy pilots. I love that there are more Titans and Pilot weapons. My only concern is that they added too much to a game that was already incredibly balanced with very little customizable options. I know they didn’t add new titans and pilot abilities to TF1 because they didn’t want to mess with the balance. I just hope that doesn’t end up happening in TF2.

GsG Phantom.